Packaging taking WAY too long (10+ hours)

So yes. I was trying to package a relatively simple project (one level, two pawns, one player controller, one gamemode, one physics material reference, one material and one imported static mesh) and I couldn’t get it to finish. I let it go for about one hour before I went to sleep, and I assumed “yeah it’s probably got to package the whole engine so it makes sense” so I went to sleep. But now, 10 hours after the cook start, I had to cancel it because it simply wasn’t progressing anymore.

Anyone knows what could cause this?

Something wrong;
Engine from launcher here packaging something like this project size takes around 40 seconds. rebuild the whole engine is around 10~15 minutes for me.
Make sure you have latest engine version update (and also have Visual Studio 2015 updated to Build 2 or Build 3, with common tools installed, in case you are running Unreal Engine 4.12).

I’m running Engine 4.11 (because there’s a few plugins I use that aren’t available on 4.12 yet). All engines are updated to their latest versions. VS2015 is also fully updated.

Maybe try do disable Antivirus and check if any other processes block your harddrive.

New insights!

First, my plugins updated to be compatible with 4.12 so I’m going to give it a shot.

Second, most interestingly, when trying to launch 4.12.5, it told me my graphics driver was known to cause issues. I’m going to see what I can do to update (the recommended plugin is TECHNICALLY not marked as compatible with Windows 10 but I’ll see if I can’t pull some shenanigansDisregard that, not going to try to update, my GFX card is too old ;_; ), and so I think that it might have something to do with it.

Third, looking into the issue, I found some problems that people were having involving specifically 4.11 and Intel dual-core systems (one of which I use), and so that might be the problem (though it DID happen back in April so I don’t know if the patch made it to main branch, and if not I don’t feel like recompiling the whole engine).

So yes, I’ll be reporting very soon.

UE 4.12.5 compiled just fine, so I’m lead to believe it’s the aforementioned issue. Thanks for the help!

yeah right Maybe try do disable Antivirus