Packaging Q&A

Our project is poised to enter a early closed testing phase in the next few weeks to get bugs out of out systems and to shore up any oversights. I’ve never done this before and still have have some question regarding capabilities after the project is packaged and installed on a remote server.

  1. If while testing things are discovered which need revision/updating/reworking will an entirely new packaging have to occur and re-uploaded in order to bring the changes to the active program?

  2. Are tools made available, console I would assume, to spawn things into/remove things from/ trigger events in the game?

  3. I assume that packaging maintains an original set of files that can still be modified. Am I correct?

  4. Prior to packaging must anything unused be removed or will the packaging only take those items actually used in the project and their dependent files?

Thanks in advance. My apologies if this is posted to the wrong place.


I have been wondering about this too… Suppose that you have a 10GB packaged game size, and after testing it is found that 1 blueprint is buggy and has been fixed. Does we need to repackage the whole thing? (time consuming, and sound ridiculous). It is nice to have the ability to just update 1-2 items in the package. I think in UE4 frontend, it has the ability to do it selectively but only on a map (not one single asset) - please correct if I am wrong.

I think the files have been scrambled somehow - but I am not sure.

All files are packaged regardless of them being used anywhere in the project. You must use ‘asset migrate’ trick to remove unused asset.