Packaging game to Android platform.

Hello. Today I’ve downloaded Tappy Chicken from the marketplace and I wanted to see how does it look on mobile device so I tried to package it for android platform. So when I selected package game for android I got this empty windows:

I’m not sure is that bug or not but I can’t click on next button or if I click on home button nothing happens. Also my device isn’t recognized inside device manager. I found solution for that on internet but I can’t figure out how to package game for android. Greetings!

Hi Sweex. Does that blank window pop up every time you try to package for Android? If so, that means two things: 1) We didn’t ship our Android setup tutorial properly, and 2) your Android environment may not be set up in a way that the editor can interact with it. Have you gone through all of the steps listed on our Getting Started with Android documentation?

Thank you for your reply. I did set up everything correctly. I already have Android SDK as I used another engine for mobile development but I downloaded it again as described in gettings started tutorial. Also this windows pops up every time I select package game for android. This also happens when I open tutorials inside help menu. I only get this empty window.

Ok, I’m going to need to verify that I understand your environment setup before I can troubleshoot anything else.

It sounds like you’re manually setting up your environment rather than using the TADP installer that we distribute with the editor. In addition to the Android SDK, have you also installed the JDK, NDK, and Ant tools? Also, have you set up your environment variables to point to those installations?

I solved the problem. I actually typed incorrectly path to one of the variables so it was not working. Thank you for your help. Greetings!

Glad to hear that you’ve fixed it!