Packaging Game Error EUIScallingRule UE 4.21

I got a problem with packaging my game in 4.21 UE version. Everything goes good but i got 1 error and 2 warnings - 1 warning with Arduino plugin, but it worked last time, so I think it doesn’t matter that much.
About that error and warning, here is my log:

LogInit: Display: LogObj: Error: LoadConfig(/Script/Engine.Defeult__UserInterfaceSettings): import failed for UIScaleRule in: SxortestSide

LogInit: Display: LOgClass: Warning: In asset ‘None’, there is an enum property of type ‘EUIScalingRule’ with an invalid value of ‘SxortestSide’

Did any of you know how to fix it? I got HUD with animated text (it moves from outside to the center of screen). but nothing fancy. Game works in Editor. It’s VR anyway.
Thanks for reading