Packaging for Mac Desktop from a PC 4.23.0

I need some help. I want to Package a project to run on a Mac desktop. I’m on a PC running 4.23.0.
In the project settings/supported platforms a can check the Desktop (win+Mac+linux). But on the dropdown menu of the Package Project this option is not there.
What am I missing here?

You need a Mac to build a Mac program

So it was a simple as that… so any ideas how to export the working files from PC to Mac?
Why are there the options in the Settings for Mac?

All you need to do is install the engine on a Mac and then copy the project folder over to the Mac and open it there, the files are compatible on any version of the engine.

Great thanks!

I tried that but I made the PC version in the newest Unreal which is not available for the Mac… can I resave the project to an earlier version?