Packaging Error - stack for UAT, Cook Fail

Hello, I’ve been trying to package my project for days. I only have simple c++ scripts and my Blueprint is mostly widgets. This project is fairly new so there aren’t a lot of scripts. I wanna make sure I can package this project first before I move forward.

things I’ve tried:

  • Deleting binaries, intermediate, build, saved and .sln file
  • input the maps to include in a packaged build
  • Setting Build Configuration of the sln file to development instead of development Editor
  • Running as Administrator.
  • installed/repair C++ content in visual studio
  • restarting my pc
  • I don’t have any plugins that are current enabled
  • crying in the corner
  • offering my soul to satan

Here is a link for the Log.txt file. I hope this will help.


I just found out that a specific level that I had moved to another folder kept a copy in its old folder. I found out by checking the windows explorer rather than the editor. It’s a bit odd but after I deleted the old copy in the windows explorer it works like charm.

can’t believe I had to tinker around for a couple of days. make sure to check if you had duplicates or corrupted files in the windows explorer. The editor won’t show you that. Hope this helps other people with the same problem.