Packaging Error 4.12

Been trying to package my project non stop and dealing with the error to no avail. My project is build purely by using blueprints due to no prior knowledge of c++

Help me please. Error log attached.

I dont see any Packaging Failures, i see a few Level Rebuilds and Asset Warnings but no Errors.

Is this a Copy/Paste from the Output Log in the editor?

What is the Error you are receiving exactly?

You must install VS2015 build 2 update (with common tools enabled) to be able to package 4.12 projects.
Around 3gb download, I had to learn this the hard way…

Is it necessary to install visual studios? I have no knowledge of C++ and my project is build purely using blueprints…

Even if you don’t touch C++ at all, the Engine is completely dependent on the C++ compiler and its tools to cook and package your games to a final standalone executable; I don’t know if you *can *do it without VS, but I think would be pretty hard to do so if possible at all… You have to at least have it installed even if you don’t use it, the engine uses it a lot behind the scenes.