Packaged project doesn't look the same as in editor.

Hello! I have started sharing some builds of my project for my friends to help me benchmark and test for errors, but I found that it doesn’t seem to adopt the settings I’ve tried to use as default in the editor when built.

Reflections look awful, I get that classical water reflection issue games used to have a decade ago, where it doesn’t seem to be able to judge distance properly, and reflects occluding objects that are in front of it.
For instance, if the character or other assets are in front of the rendered water, it will bleed into the reflections of the water behind it.
This is not present in the editor.

Shadows are much sharper and don’t seem to transition levels at the same distance and bias as in the editor, looking dropping off at just a short distance in the built project, rather than being spread out into the distance as in the editor.

Third AA doesn’t seem right. TSAA makes my grass look super soft and smooth in the editor, but in the built project, it’s harsh and distinct, like it’s using a different AA setting.

Is there a way to force default settings to match the settings of the editor without going through each and every one of them in the config file each time i make a new build? If this is even the issue.