Packaged game is running at hyper speed

When testing my game in standalone everything runs at a good normal speed. However, after packaging the game and playing the packaged version, everything seems to be in overdrive despite the fps being the same cos it’s locked at 60. The animations of characters, projectiles through the air and particle effects are so fast that if you blink you might miss them. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? why would everything in the packaged game be occurring at breakneck speeds? the animations are not set to a higher rate, their rate is set to 1 and their normal play speed in the editor at rate 1 is not breakneck speed.

Are you using any kind of slow-motion effect in your game? You may be using the SloMo, or World Time Dilation incorrectly. If not, then ensure that your Tick calculations make proper use of DeltaTime.

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