Packaged game crash when trying to show second level

Moved to 4.25.1 from 4.24.3 everything works fine but when I package my project, game crashes after hitting Play button in main menu.

Menu is a level with widget.
I’m using level streaming, Play button shows prologue level (which is loaded with “begin play” node earlier) and hide and unload menu level. (in nutshell)

Everything works fine in engine, just like it used to back in 4.24.3 with packaged ones.
I’m using only Megascans and Advanced Session (+Advanced Steam Session) plugins.
It’s win64 and shipping build configuration.

Part of log file which seems to show the problem

It’s something with scene or more likely some asset. It’s kinda solved then.

4.25.2 update fixed problem, mad and happy at the same time