Packaged game, character meshes not visible.

Hi there.
I’ve set up a small multiplayer framework, and everything works fine in the editor.
But then, when packaging the project (in dev), the character meshes don’t show up. The meshes are the basic first person arm mesh, and mixamo’s goblin as a template for other players.
Everything else just works fine, I can see my floating debug infos above the pawns’ heads, and I can even spawn the effects that are correctly replicated. Eventhough invisible, the pawns collide with each other just fine, die and respawn as designed…

I spawned a non possessed pawn in the map, and the goblin mesh shows up just fine too.

The only thing I can think of is my setup to create a dynamic material instance for the meshes. Yet, even when I seemingly disabled this system, the results were the same. And I’m using the same kind of system for some FX, and they appear on screen without problems.

Do anyone has any idea on how to try to understand what’s happening here ? The fact that the bug doesn’t show up in editor make debugging painful. Any idea on what’s different between editor and packaged game that could impact character’s rendering ?

Oh, and my character class inherits from another cclass BP I created if it can give any clue.


Ok, it seems no one has any idea at the moment.
Do anyone knows why I can’t get wireframe view in my packaged game ? It would help me to see if the mesh is missing, or is it’s a material problem.
I’m using console command viewmode wireframe, but it doesn’t seem to work. I guess it’s deactivated to prevent cheating.

BTW , about my main issue, I’d take any suggestion and any infos about the difference between PIE and packaged game. Please, I feel helpless here =)

Hey Killfassil,

You may benefit from submitting a question to our AnswerHub. There, we’ll be able to help you directly with the trouble you’re having. However before doing that, you may want to check on the character meshes and make sure that they’re visible in game and that they’re visible to the owner. That would cause them not to appear for you, just a thought.


I posted there already, but thanks for your answer. I’m in the process of trying to have the simplest possible set up where this glitch occurs, and it may end up in bug report section.