Packaged Game: Accessed None trying to read property

Running into a confusing issue with a packaged game that’s preventing my UI from displaying. This UI appears as a result of an overlap event.

The UI displays with no errors when running the game in the editor UI, but after packaging the game I do not see the UI and I get this error:

Here is the offending section of the BP:
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


So, Access None = Pointer Variable = NULL = nullptr.
It basically mean that the WinUI variable does not have any created widget.

Is the triggerbox trying to access the value before it is created maybe?
It might also be that the owning Player does not get assigned in the packaged build, so try to set the owning player using “GetPlayerController”

Thank you for the reply!

From what I read, the widget instance should be created on “Create YOU WON Widget” being called and the reference to that instance should be passed as the return value that I use to set Win UI - unless I’m understanding that incorrectly.

I’ve tried a few variations on the blueprint logic here, one where I never even use the variable, and I get variations on access none errors upon trying to add it to the viewport.

This works fine in the editor when playing the game, but it only fails in the packaged version of the game, any insights on the deltas between these?


Your understanding is correct.

So I can only come with three reasons why this happens.

  1. Triggerbox try to access the value before it is created.
  2. “Owning player” is not automatically being assigned in your packaged build.
  3. Class is not being packaged. (Could happen if you have it in your Dev folder)

Thanks again for your insight, it is much appreciated!

As far as I can tell this issue is related to packaging.

  1. I’ve tried instantiating a number of different ways - including at BeginPlay. The trigger box even does not happen until several minutes into gameplay. In the example I show above is the triggerbox access event - so I don’t know how the add to viewport command could be accessed before the create widget command.
  2. I’ve tried assigning this manually and not and found no difference - the current method is how the UE4 tutorial for displaying widgets is written, so I’ve baselined on that.
  3. This is an interesting concept, I don’t have a developer folder (this ui bp is in Content>UI>YOU_WON) but I’m curious is there is method to determine if an asset has been packaged with the game?

Thank you!