Package visually muddy compared to editor preview

It appears as though the packaged build of my game is actually less clear than it is in the editor viewport during a VR play preview.

I set all of the r. and the sg. settings manually through a function when the play starts.

**this doesn’t seem to manifest on the monitor only on the **

that’s why i don’t have pictures for you…

It’s as if I need to turn up r.ScreenPercentage 240 to match the editor if the editor is set to 150.

So r.ScreenPercentage seems to be less effective in the packaged build?

I think this is strange and I can’t find information about this particular issue.

Can anyone explain to me the best strategy for making my game visually crisp and clear for a packaged build?

Does anyone notice this same issue?

It’s perplexing to me that the editor can be so much clearer than the packaged build…

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello AndreDoumad,

After doing a bit of digging I found that this appears to be a known issue. I have provide a link back to the original post. Please use the provided link for future concerns and/or updates. Thank you for your time and information.

Link: VR Shipping Build is blurry and slow - XR Development - Epic Developer Community Forums

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