Overwealming spam links on AwnserHub

Lately, there has been too many spams in the AwnserHub kinda swamping the other user’s questions. Is there going to be a reporting system or some sort of solution that will fix this issue sometime soon? Kinda pushing people away from wanting to use AwnserHub to solve questions about the Unreal Engine or even help people out.


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Sorry just kidding… Epic outsourced their web stuff to Tencent or someone.
You can’t even report SPAM here on the main forums in official Epic threads.
Its been like this for over a year… Epic know about it, but a fix seems elusive. :eek:

no new news yet then i guess. I saw a staff member say in a post awhile back that they were working on it. its a shame really, i got 150 emails from the answerhub this morning of which 3 were legitimate posts.

Hey all,

Just getting to this thread - sorry for the delay.

We are working to implement an anti-spam function for Answerhub, we should have it implemented soon.