Overriding GearVR default 1024x1024 resolution

Just wondering if this is possible, I’ve tried modifying the hardcoded values (OVR_DEFAULT_EYE_RENDER_TARGET_WIDTH/HEIGHT) in GearVR.h without much success. It slows down the rendering but doesn’t produce any discernible increase in the quality of the scene (I’m just trying to display a 360 photo and a couple menu options so I can deal with a bit of a performance dip).

Same question. Also, the command line HMD SP does not seem to have any effect

Does UE4 support layers on GearVR now?


“Layer support allows multiple independent application render targets to be independently sent to the HMD. For example, you might render a heads-up display, background, and game space each in their own separate render target. Each render target is a layer, and the layers are combined by the compositor (rather than the application) right before distortion and display. Each layer may have a different size, resolution, and update rate.”

(not sure if this is available also on mobile)

Are layers supported in UE4 on gear VR now?