Overriding Animgraph Logic?

I’ve been running into some issues with inherited anim blueprints slowly needing to diverge from the parent blueprint in some parts of the animgraph, and afaik there’s not a good way to override smaller parts of the animgraph (a single state in a state machine for example). I was wondering what everybody did to deal with those kinds of situations.

Just as an example of the kind of problem. I have a huge animgraph with a relatively tiny general locomotion/movement section. In the base anim BP it’s just a pretty simple set of an animation and a blendspace, but one of my inherited blueprints, I want to be able to blend between 4 animations, but just for this section. I don’t really want to make a whole new anim BP and lose out on the 90% of the logic being the same, but I also can’t figure out how to separate things out so I can override that section of the animgraph without doing that or putting extra logic in the base anim bp, which would then affect all the inherited anim instances.

The one thing I’m trying atm is making the anim subinstance classes a pin so I can theoretically set it as a member on my anim BPs and override that way, but that feels a little bit sketchy.

Sorry if this all made no sense, it’s early -_-

Thanks all!

Sorry for self bump, but still trying to figure out if there’s any good solutions to overriding animgraph logic. :S

Our base animgraphs are a big bottleneck for us atm because any custom bits and pieces end up being added to all our characters unless we reconstruct the whole animgraph for each character, which makes bug handling a bit more difficult.

Is the better solution to just only use inheritence of anim blueprints when the children function totally identically to their parents and only the assets differ?

Is this still not possible? This is really against the OOP concept. What if you have different anim blueprints sharing the same type of variables, but different anim graphs?