Override blueprint functions?

So I have a blueprint with a custom event or function.
I add this blueprint (either as component or child actor) to another BP.

Is there any way to override that component/child actor function to append/alter functionality?

Right now I’m thinking of using a call and having an interface to implement into the parent blueprint so that functionality can be customized by the rest of the team, I guess that would do, but if I could just override the function it would be so much easier.

Sort of nevermind. the interface works like a charm.

For Child Blueprints you can redefine the Custom Event / Interface a second time in each Child BP you want to override. If you want to invoke the Parent’s code, right-click on the definition (red node) and click on the option to Add Call To Parent Function, and link it into the exec chain along with any params… As regards components… How are the components set-up for comms, interfaces? If so it should work.

Interfaces definitely work.
Didn’t know about being able to invoke the parent’s code though. that’s helpful.
I can use it allow for customization of the main BP, but still be able to call the function when appropriate with the logic defined by the child actor :slight_smile: