Overlapping Trigger not firing

What appears to be a rather common setup with triggers is not working.
I got a door trigger, which toggles door swing, and inside the room a trigger volume to switch on the lights.
However, after the player moves into the door trigger, the room trigger is not firing, even though the player clearly overlaps. I tried to make the door trigger height smaller, so that technically the player hits with his legs the other trigger, but won’t work. I could fix this with adding like 3 trigger volumes inside the room, aligned around the door trigger, but this is obviously some what complicated, need more nodes too, and there are many similar rooms with doors.

Is there a way how i can have this setup with 2 overlapping triggers, when both work, do i need to set some mode, or what am I missing here?


Hello unit23,

I was able to set up two overlapping triggers in a clean project that opened a door and turned on a light. I just added two trigger volumes, placed them right on top of each other, and then added the corresponding blueprint nodes to get the events to fire. Is this what you are doing as well, or are you using another type of trigger?

From what I can see in your picture, it looks like your second trigger is only located in the corner of the larger trigger. Are you standing in the part of the large trigger where the two triggers overlap?

Wow, strange :slight_smile:

In my scenario, the door trigger is a box trigger, the room trigger, a volume trigger. Maybe that’s why it won’t work over here? I walk around in the room, without success, until i pass the volume margins.

Do you want me to upload a video?


Okay after you wrote that you were able to make it work i checked all the settings and found, that when “Trace Complex on Move” is checked, under the trigger collision sub panel, that it works.

Thanks for your help Sean!