Overlap events not working anymore after setting up nav agent radius

We have this huge project with different sized units, that are controlled by detour crowd controllers that get their movement orders by the player (RTS like gameplay).

We use nav mesh walking for the units and units are constantly getting stuck on edges because the agent radius on the character movement component was alwas -1 with disabled “UpdateNavAgentwithOwnersCollision”. So why not checking this checkbox to use the capsule of the unit as agent size.

It worked - no more stuck units BUT the capsule is suddenly not detected by triggers (OnOverlapBegin and -End) anymore (which makes no sense to me). When I spawn a unit in the base (which also has a collision sphere) it fires overlapBegin and overlapEnd at the same time but is still in the sphere. Why? what am I doing wrong? I setup different SupportedAgents for different sized units in the NavSystem settings and only have one collider on each unit.

(When I change some settings and the unit is not connected to the nav mesh, the triggers suddenly work again)

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