overlap event not working


I’ve recently started a project with the default VR template my goal is for the player to be able to connect blocks together so i added a collision box where they should be able to attach and then just added a log that runs when “event begin overlap” occurs.
The problem is that it never respond when it starts to overlap.
Is this just how it is? How can i fix this?

Please help.

Did you make sure to enable “Generate Overlap Events” in the “Collision” section of your component’s “Details” panel? That needs to be enabled on both objects for the overlap events to trigger. Also, overlapping does require the objects to clip into each other, which normal collision would likely prevent. If you need your object to act solid most of the time, but still respond to overlap events under certain circumstances, you could add a collision primitive component that’s slightly larger than your object, and use that to test for collision with certain objects. You can see that in the BP_MotionController Blueprint. There’s a spherical collision component called GrabSphere that’s used to check for the presence of objects that can be picked up. The actual hand controller mesh has nothing to do with determining whether there’s a nearby object that can be picked up.