Overlap Event for Spline Mesh Component

Hi All,

I am trying to get a spline mesh component to trigger an OnComponentBeginOverlap event.

The spline mesh component is created within the player pawn blueprint with an ‘add spline mesh component’ node. I then set it’s mesh and material with the related nodes just downstream. It is really like a laser pointer kind of thing. I see the spline mesh in PIE, with the correct mesh and material and it looks like it’s all good, only it never triggers any overlap events.

I have tried EVERYTHING related to the collision settings (those available in the details panel when clicking on the ‘add spline mesh component’ node, also those of the static mesh I am assigning to the spline mesh component and those for the actors I am trying to overlap). So assuming the problem is not related to those settings, could there be another reason why I can’t get this spline mesh to overlap?

For testing, in the pawn I have got another static mesh component (i.e. the hand of the player), which triggers overlap events just fine. I copied all of it’s collision settings to the spline mesh component, but it does not work.

Could it be that the spline mesh component needs to be in the ‘components’ tree (i.e. be a component of the default scene root) in order to work and that if I create it on the fly at run-time it behaves differently than expected?

Please let me know if I should supply more information.

Really looking forward to your ideas!

Hi @Constant,

Did you ever find a solution for this? I am having the same issue. For now I’m using a separate trigger but its not exactly what I want.

Let me know


Wondering how to do this as well. Any ideas?

Here also trying to achieve the same.