Overlap event does not fire, but only in "built" version

Hello. I am making a game where a player can attach actors to other actors. It is based on “BoxCollision” components. When One box collision overlaps the other one, it means that player can attach actor.

It all works perfect, but only in editor. When I built my game (or when I use “Launch” option, some box collisions are for some reason not detected by the other one. I was thinking, that it may be caused by size of box collisions (they are sometimes pretty small), but when I increased the size - problem still remains. It is weird that it only happend to some of actors, not all of them. It is even worse, because they are all childs of one blueprint, so they should behave the same. Problem occurs ONLY in built version of the game. I tried everything. Cleared all saves, cached data etc, scaled up collisions… Nothing works. Can this issue be somehow related to how the engine works? Or maybe there is something i miss about it all? Thanks in advance!

Ok I found what was a problem. Collisions was fine, but I was using strings for names for collision boxes. I dont know why, but in built game some of collision boxes name was changed to lowercase. For exemple “Box” to “Box”. It is weird that it was not the case for all of actors, only for some of them… Nevermind… It was enough to change strings to names (names are not case sensitive). If anyone has a problem like this - remember to use names in cases like this