Overaps are firing erratically

Game is really bugging. Without any changes made, for some reason, my level trigger boxes and overlaps are firing off erratically. They are all connected to component /Actor Overlap but in some cases, the player never even enters the trigger area. In one level, the screen switched maps in the middle of a gameplay cutscene, despite the fact that I never entered anywhere close to the trigger. Breakpoints on the affected fire as if the player entered the overlap. Crazy thing is that I hadn’t worked on that level in weeks. Smdh

Component overlaps are more flaky than actor overlaps.

If you’re only expecting your player to overlap, always check it is actually your player.

The player is nowhere near the trigger when it fires, nothing is. This just started happening yesterday out of the blue. Breakpoints on the affected fire as if the player entered the overlap. It affects both the component overlap and the actor overlap (on the level trigger as well.)

But are you casting to the player on overlap? Otherwise any can overlap. Particles, the sky, the ground etc…

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Yes, the breakpoints fire for the Cast To Player.

Ok, then you can put a print string on the overlap to find out which actor is doing the overlapping :wink:

I have, it’s the player. But I have no idea how, there is no overlap to that point.

OK. Are you spawning your player, and there is also one placed in the world?

When the overlap happens, press F8 and take a look in the outliner, how many players are there?

Come to think of it, I do have some hidden copies of the player for cutscenes. But none near a transition trigger though.

Did you try F8?

Yeah, it doesn’t do anything. Maybe I’m not hitting it at the right time.

Start the game, get at least one overlap, the hit F8.

The game will carry on, but you’ll be able to use the outliner to look for more players


Oh ok, I only see one instance of the player

Ok, I have no idea :slight_smile:

But if you doing the cast to check, somehow, there’s another player triggering the volume.

Or the volume is bigger than you think it is etc…

I did a cast, but I also tried to use a branch that checks if the other actor is the player character. It still fires.

Yeah, that means it is the character :slight_smile:

Weird, but I just changed the collision box to block all except the pawn. It didn’t fire until I moved the player into the box (like it is supposed to do.)

I think that did it. Now I just need to see what object type was causing the issue.