OutermostCacheObject is NULL. Multiplayer crash

Hello guys. I have one problem with multiplayer game.
I have an replicated Actor (AFighter). This actor is created on the server and replicated to client.
Components in this actor have the next structure.

   UTank( inherited from USceneComponent , root  component )
      |------->URadar( inherited from USceneComponent  )
      |------->UWeaponController( inherited from USceneComponent )
                        |------->UBombWeapon( inherited from USceneComponent  )

According to the official documentation Networking Overview for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation the components which are created in the actor constructor are replicated. But, in this case GetIsReplicated() always returns false for each child component, in spite of the fact that child components are replicated in the game.
This is not the biggest problem. If I set for the UWeaponController the next:

m_weaponController->SetIsReplicated( true );

I will get the crash in the PackcgeMapClient.cpp

const FNetGuidCacheObject* OutermostCacheObject = CacheObject;

 while ( OutermostCacheObject->OuterGUID.IsValid() )
  OutermostCacheObject = ObjectLookup.Find( OutermostCacheObject->OuterGUID );

Because the OutermostCacheObject is NULL.

Why does it happen?