Outdated Documentation

Could you guys go through and fix all the documentation that is outdated and incorrect? For example:

That link says to use ConstructorHelpers::CreateComponent to create new components, but ConstructorHelpers::CreateComponent doesn’t exist. I’m not sure when it was removed, but the documentation has been incorrect for at least 6 months since there is a complaint about it not existing from over 6 months ago:

This is not the first time I have spent a few hours trying to do something and have run across outdated/totally incorrect information on the official documentation site. Luckily the community picks up the slack in most cases.

Agree, so many things are outdated. I’ve wasted hours trying to find a window, only to find out the appearance is completely different. Example: the animation notifications bar no longer shows up as a white bar, but is simply incorporated into the animation sequence.

If any managers of Unreal are reading this, you need to fire the idiot(s) who thought it was a good idea to change the appearance of a basic tool, without updating the documentation. Why would you change the appearance of a window so it no longer looks like what is in the documents? To confuse people for fun? To slow down profits because people cannot ship out their games, and cannot pay royalty to you? It’s the definition of insanity.