Out off Ideas...

Hey Guys! Im need some help… I Just started with Unreal Engine Development sooo im still a noob.

My problem is that i created a pickup system for meshes. So the Mesh attaches to the Skeleton. When just walked over the first item its all fine, its equiped. But when i walk over the second without dropping the first both are equiped. I tried to fix that problem with Booleans and Casts . But it didnt work :confused: anyone got an idea?

Thx for your help :slight_smile:


Branch, with Boolean Variable “Is Attached”. False leads to Attach node.

After attach actor is called, set boolean to true. After detachment, set boolean to false.

The only other thing you might look at aswell it setting a variable that stores what you have picked up and where it is, and create a function that cleans up existing attached items.

This could help when attaching other items to other sockets later on. Like a hat or a set of boots.


Tyvm :slight_smile: but how the second item ( in a other Blueprint) knows that it cant be equiped when the first item is attached?

Now the first Item is equiped but when i walk over the second one its equiped too … :confused:

screeen of the first item :


screen of the second one :


By the way i detach the items in the Level Blueprint … maybe that is wrong ?:confused:


I would detach in an Function.

When you pick up an Item - Make the item a Variable, such as “Equipped Item” and set a bool to “YES” - item equipped.

When you go over the second item - check if the Bool is yes. If so, detach the first item via the variable and then attach the second.

You could put an arrow on your character, that way you have a reference to spawn the item dropped.


hmmm … But where i should place the detach function? Like my old in the LevelBlueprint?
Should i make a PickUpItem Function ? And where?
When i create a functin i need to cast the var to the other weapon that they know when someone of them is attached right?

Here is my Item function of my first item :


Here is the first item event graph :


and here is my level blueprint function :


The other problem i got … when i create a variable for collsion sphere and set it on overlap to true and on end overlap to false… i tried to cast it to the other item. There i did the same and casted it to the first one… But after that couldnt compile them …

Anyone got an idea ?:confused: or an sample?

The Problem is, that my second item dont know that the other item is equiped … how can i fix that?

No one got and idea ?:c come on you guys are profis

Will admit. not perfect on socketing.

But that does not matter. You should be able to convert.

Will take me a while to put this, as I do not have a current running person game, Working on widget game.

Let me see what I can do

Tyvm :confused: i hope you find the problem

its a pitty that there arent any tutorials for something like this …

so to start with, the pickup need to be a BP, so you have a variable.

put a collision around the pickup.

On begin overlap, cast to your player, reference what you have socketed.

remove that from character if socketed, then run the script to attach new item.

Have not got script to post atm, sorry

There is no reason for on overlap end, as you will need to destroy the item or have it hidden. So that will not work as it is no longer in the game.

Wait, what overlap ? The one of the collision or the normal Event Actor Begin overlap? I think its the last one. OK so the next question. You wrote cast to your player … so to my MyCharackter BP? .
And what you mean with reference what you have socketed ? :confused:


thats the other item


1st, end overlap. Because you are picking up the item, you will need to remove from the game. if removed, on end overlap will not work, as it no longer exists.

Variable: when you pick up the item, turn that in to a variable. That way you can reference it later. That means when you want to remove it, you only need to reference that variable.

So on begin overlap, you know what mesh it is. it will be it the BP, find it and promote it to a variable, same as you would with cast to all actors and promote to a variable



Thats the blueprint of the first item…

Sooo … did i understand it right ? :confused: or is it still wrong?

You do not need the event end overlap, as after you pick up the first bit, you will always have something socketed.

ok … so i delete the begin overlap and connect the rest with the end overlap?

Show the function Please


Heres the function in the item blueprint to attach weapon :slight_smile: