OURMINE Hacks unity forum ... they might be coming here!!

have a look at unity forum.

Do you think they will hack epics forum?

I hope Epic Games acts first contacting FBI to track whoever they are down so they will be put in jail where they belong.

yup. unity hack information is on wikipedia now

That probably won’t do anything.
It would be next to impossible to catch them.

Epic have already been hacked before, last year.
I’ve got several invasion attempts of my emails after that…

Wow! That’s quite a disconnect from reality of net security and could have been written by elected officials
The reality is, the data wars are already lost to hackers / cybercrims / scammers / state-sponsored groups.

Security / AV is a mugs game now. The problem is no one can keep up. So its all about mitigating damage.
As Bruno said, Epic have been hacked several times in the past 2 years, both UDK + UE4 forums etc etc.

Complacency too with security that can’t keep up as everything gets moved to Cloud isn’t helping either!
Plus, the fact that no one bought stuff like this to keep it out of public domain / script kiddies isn’t good!