OTOY’s Brigade Engine to launch on Amazon EC2

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I wonder what is taking game engines so long to realize that the future/present is the cloud.
Google’s powerful cloud and it’s computing strength (cheaper than amazon) would be a good choice.

Interesting year for sure.

Interesting ? Perhaps. Would I play game made on it ? No way in the hell in thousand years I would.

It seems like whole new level of DRM-always-online lock. Now, don’t need internet connection to run AI, or authenticate your game copy. No, no ,no no no, now you need internet connection to render graphics in your game.

Besides of above, it doesn’t really look like clever solution to me either. It’s more like “We don’t have better ideas, how to render things, so we will just use old ray-tracing, and throw infinite horse power on it”.


You cannot assume that everyone have constant internet connection and depend on cloud.

Also Randomcontrol’s Arion 2 and Octane have been doing GPU based fast, un-biased rendering like this for years now.

I thought most played games of this year require you to be online in some form.

What makes you think I will play singleplayer game that requires me to be online ?
If I want to play mutiplayer I know what I’m after.

More over you can’t assume that everyone have fiber connection to internet. Sad facts are only fraction of us live in Sweden.

Sweden actually has some of the highest internet speeds in the world on average.

Never understand the harsh arguments against DRM in the first place, but yeah -shrugs-

It’s not about you though, online gaming is the biggest market.

Only few games like Fable can be attracting as singleplayer.

That’s what iniside said…not everyone is lucky enough to get Sweden’s internet. And it’s not about hating DRM, It’s about not having constant and fast enough internet connection everywhere.

And again, not everyone plays online games and not every online player is interested in single player games, whether it is rendered on cloud or not.

Another example for you, my internet speed was 110-125kbps until just 5 months ago, and now it is up to 300kbps. There is fiber net about 500 meters away from where i live and they don’t bring it here because it is not profitable for the company. You should be thinking of ways for better internet for everyone before worrying about cloud system.