Other Country Team Member

Hi we are from Argentine and i meet a guy from German, that we buy a package from Unreal Marketplace made by him. We need to merge other package into it. But the package that i need to merge, he dont has in his vault so he cannot tell us how to fix the issues, can i make a project with all package and share with him, so he can work direct in my project and then return me with all bug fix, that is legal?

It is legal:

c. Distributions to employees and contractors - You also may Distribute Content (other than Paid Plug-ins) to an Engine Licensee who is your employee or your contractor who does not have rights under their license to the same Content, but only to permit that Engine Licensee to utilize that Content in good faith to develop a Product on your behalf for Distribution by you under the License, and not for the purpose of Content pooling or any other Distribution or sublicensing of Content that is not permitted under this Agreement. Recipients of such a Distribution have a limited license to use, reproduce, display, perform, and modify that Content to develop your Product as outlined above, and for no other purpose.

I don’t fully understand - can you explain more?