OSX - trying to render a video with matinee

Sorry, but I have bad user interface experience with the render process.

These are the steps I took with the example RealisticRendering:

  • Open the Matinee window.
  • Click movie icon to generate video
    the Dialog Movie Options opens…
  • Click OK for default settings
    a second U icon will be displayed in the dock, representing
    the render window.

No progress bar is shown or any hint whats happening.

  • Click on the second U icon on the dock.
    This opens the render window, showing the first frame and no progress of

Unfortunately, this steals the mouse, so the user interface is blocked until you
bring another application to the foreground.

You dont see, if anything is rendering.
If you locate the generated video file under
/Users/(your_name)/Documents/Unreal\ Projects/RealisticRendering/Saved/VideoCaptures/VMRoom_MatineeActor_3_30fps_320x240_0.avi
you will see a file size of 0, after a while a file size of > 1.0 GB, so this seems
to render unlimited, without an end mark, and not only the matinee track range.

Now I try to stop, as suggested by Adam Davis on answerhub:
“To quit out of the matinee render, use the tilde key (~) then type quit and hit enter. Have a great day!”

With the render window in foreground I push the tilde key, nothing happens,
I blindly type “quit” and hit enter, wondering, because Im not in a command interface.
Nothing happens.

By switching between apps with CMD TAB, I get the mouse back and close the render

Clicking on the generated AVI file will open Quicktime and start a converting process.
The movie consists only of the repeated first frame, no camera path through the scene.

So, is there anybody who can show me, how to render a sequence with
just the selected range on OSX?

Thank you for helping.

I’ve had the same bad experience, Matinee is basically unusable on either of my Macs. Maybe it’s just taking a long time to process…something, but there’s no indicator, and it just seems hung up, so after a few minutes I force quit and move on.