[OSX] "Installing Engine" starts over when finished.

Yeah, after moving the Unreal Engine Launcher to my Applications folder it started downloading the 6gb. Took a couple of hours on my connection. When it finished, it simply started over again. Downloading 6gb again. I checked the folder where it seemed to have downloaded it into (/Users/Shared/UnrealEngine) and that folder is 6gb large. In the bin folder in there I can actually start ue4editor.app and create a blank project.

Anyway, I thought, maybe it will fix itself with a second download of those 6gb, but when it finished, it was the same story again. If I cancel the download, it starts the extra content samples download. However, it stops at 89% with “Install Failed - A file access error has occurred. Please check your running processes”. Don’t know what I’m supposed to look for in my running processes, and rebooting didn’t help with the issue.

I then downloaded the full source and all dependencies and optional dependencies and merged them into the folder, thinking that might fool it into thinking that the installation is complete, but no.

I can’t create projects from any template other than the blank one, which I’d really like to do.

Any help would be appreciated!

OSX 10.8.4

Hi Acriax,

Please post this toanswers.unrealengine.com/index.html so we can better assist you.

Thank you!

Got it, thanks.