OSC communication to multiple nDisplay instances

I am running nDisplay on one machine to render to three screens which works fine which works fine, so far. I need to synchronize and control a few animated characters (to an external sound rendering system) and load maps via a GUI running on a different machine. At the moment I am using OSC to receive the needed information which works fine for one instance.

With nDisplay I get into the problem that the OSC receiver (“OSC Server” from the plugin) can only run once on the same machine because it blocks the port / the port can only be used once. It seems that the first instance started by nDisplay gets the port and is the only one to receiver the messages.

As the programming of the OSC sender is also in my control I could send to three ports as a workaround. Is there a way to get in the blueprint an information about the instance which is running that I could select a different port in each instance?

Does anybody see other ways of communication or to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.