Orthographic views update when moving meshes in perspective, and hard locking transform widget.

It’s a real bummer when I use the vertex snapping function with the transform widget, and then go into the orthographic view and move it once, only to have it immediately reset. Also, when I move something in the perspective view, it’d be awesome if it updated in real time in orthographic.

I was unable to reproduce the snapping issue that you mentioned with the information that was given. However, I may be able to help with the real time rendering for the orthographic view. You will need to click the drop down arrow in the upper left of the viewport that you would like to change and then check the Real time rendering check box. I hope this helps.


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Wow, you guys really are “Epic” Staff… hurhur.

I’ll try and replicate it as you’ve done, but thank you so much for your reply!

Edit: So after retrying, that also fixes the snapping issue (before, when I had used vertex snapping with the transform widget in perspective view, and then tried to move a mesh in the orthographic view, the widget would go back to neutral. All set now!)