Ortho alignment

We have been using Reality Capture to model buildings and extract orthoimages to draw over in CAD. We have been coming across alignment images when the building elevation is not flat, say a tee shaped building. If the gable of the tee is in the foreground we have found that the background aligns great but there always seems to be an issue with the foreground gable. I’m sure it’s down to alignment, we have crossed checked with laser scan data and when moved the photo data dimensionally is fine it’s just in the wrong place. When aligned with the building we use the ridgeline but essentially do it by eye, I’m not sure this is accurate enough. Is there a way to align to a face of the building so the ortho is absolutely perpendicular to the building?

I should mention we Georeferenced each project and ensured zero was set for any pitch and roll and used side as reference.

Exactly the same issue, would love to see a simple way of doing this, such as selecting a portion of triangles on a face then asking the Ortho box to automatically align based on best fit. This would be a huge help when quickly representing elevations to a client. Currently we have to just guess by eye. We always get close but are never completely happy.