Organizing The Scene

Hi, I have two questions regarding the organization of a scene/map in a landscape.

Imagining that we have one single landscape with multiple important locations (take for example two houses that the player can enter, explore, possibly with many objects in them etc.) all at different locations:

1 - What would be the best way to provide a smooth transition between the different locations? Would it be efficient to just build the places on the landscape (comprising of all the internal details and objects) and then just let the player go from one place to the other without any interruption? Or would it be better to load the single locations when we enter/exit the doors? Is it possible to do both?

2 - In a scene/map with a lot of actors all over the place, do you have any suggestions regarding the smartest way to organize them? I feel that after some time the world outliner starts to get cluttered with A LOT of objects which create confusion when you want to edit something in particular. Are layers/folders the best way to handle big worlds with a lot of different actors around?

Thanks in advance!

  1. I prefer the seamless way -> so that the player can walk to the other location + enter it without any delay (no loading screen). Another way could be that you let the player move to the next location - he opens the door and enters the building - rest of the map gets culled to save performance
  2. Do it with folders + subfolders. Also use groups to combine some actors so that you dont have to select all of them in the outliner. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice!