Ordered point clouds

So no matter what I do I can not get any kind of .e57 data set to load. I was able to find a way to export my point clouds to .ptx and I was able to some modelling. However I have tried to clean the points in cloud compare then re-export as .e57 but the software wont load the data. I even converted them back to .ptx in faro scene and still no luck. With the “cleaned” point cloud Reality Capture wont say it failed but will just have a warning saying “point cloud with width or height below 32 ignored”. I was wondering if anybody knows what could be causing this or how I could solve it? I know RC only accepts ordered points clouds but is there someway to get an ordered point cloud? Also do you have a suggestion for another software to export .ptx? 

Hi Mackenzie,

what do you mean by “cleaned”?

Have you read this post? https://support.capturingreality.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002941171-e57-crash-on-import

Hello Gotz,

I was referring to removing noise points and unnecessary artefacts from the point cloud. I have read that thread but it doesn’t mention anything about editing or “cleaning” the original point cloud. FARO scene’s “cleaning” capabilities are limited and difficult so I am looking to see if I can use Cloud Compare or some other software for point editing (“cleaning”). 

I export the “cleaned” points from Cloud compare in .E57 format then I load them into FARO scene to export as a .PTX. Unfortunately the .PTX file wont load in CR. I’ve also tried to export an ordered .E57 from FARO but it doesn’t work properly and creates a file with no points in it. 

Hi Mackenzie,

ah, sorry, I thought the PTX works for you.

e57 seems to have some issues, that’s why I mentioned the other thread - there are more…

What you mean by cleaning should be ok, but I never worked with laserscans myself - I only get them from a colleague.

If you are confident that you did everything right, I would get in touch with support directly - it is mentioned somewhere that there are many different types of e57 and not all are supported yet…