Order Of Operations: Multiple Player Vehicles. Multiplayer.

Hello UE Community! Thanks for clicking.

I need some general guidance to an approach. I would love any feedback, or input. I am working in BluePrint, just mowing through tutorials to get the feel. This is such an amazing tool. My background is VFX (Maya/Nuke) so I’ve taken to blueprint fairly well.

The basic example of what I’d like to do is the following:

I have 2 Connected Boxes(Rough Cockpits)(A/B). 2 players inside.
Box B has a Mechanical arm.

Ex. Box A = Cargo Plane, Box B = Vehicle inside of Box A

  1. I’d like for box A (Player 1) to be able to release box B (Player 2), from being controlled by the Parent BoxA. (Both players spawn in their desired boxes based on Player Selection at beginning)
    1a. I’d like for Box A (Player 1) to have global control over the two until they are disconnected.

  2. I’d like for Player 1 to also be able to control Box B, as well as Player 2. So Player 1 could control rotation/Translation, and player 2 could control the Arm. (Or for the ease of replying, I think I could get to where I want if I just figure out the workflow to share controls of Box B from Player 1.

Just FYI, From this, I want to do a construction vehicle. So I’d like Player 2 to be able to eventually control a mechanical Arm from their Box 1.

My understanding, is that If I sort of figure out how to just get Player 1 controlling Box 2, I can then start figuring out the arm setup and just apply what I’ve learned to that. But overall, If I could just get a little push in the right direction, for the ultimate goal of multiple player vehicle control. I’m at a point to where I can repeat tutorials, but I’m having a hard time making progress to the main goal. I understand the server persistence some, and need to-re-review that most definitely. I think the hang up I have, is when 2 players are INSIDE of 2 vehicles, then the multiplayer interactions.

Thank you so much for any help. And please let me know if it makes sense.