Orbit to planet transitions

I’m designing a top down shooter where a key feature is allowing the player to sit in orbit (sort of like a pre-level lobby) and customise their ship before launching the level where their ship will fly down to the planet, break through the cloud layer, the camera will pan up to top down and the level will begin.

Has anyone had any success in achieving something like this? I’m attempting to target mobiles so it can’t be too heavy on the graphics so some tricks may be needed. Either way that’s the effect I want to achieve, your help would be much appreciated!



Not sure if it would work effectively for Mobile devices but I would probably approach it as follows:

  1. Orbit map is a normal map where you render the planet as a sphere and do whatever you want.
  2. Enter Orbit I would do as a Matinee playback.
  3. Load new level and being play when you are in the orbit.

Although you could, I probably wouldn’t try to do it all in one level as it could get too complicated and you might end up wasting too much time on something that is not part of the core game. Just my opinion. 8-}

Agreed here with qdelpeche, make your game first. That deorbit animation should be in box: “bumping the lamp” which should be done after you have everything else prototyped and working.