Orbit Differences UDK v. UE4

I`ve been working through some older Cascade FX tutorials done with UDK and trying to follow them using UE4, ive been able to overcome many of the changes that have been made between the versions but one that has consistently frustrated me, is a difference in the behavior of the Orbit module when Velocity screen Alignment is applied. Essentially the particles don’t orient the right direction and im stumped on how to correct it since im unaware on where UDK and UE4 would disagree on the data. here is a screenshot of the desired result 11a1c5010d1a816adf22f917d3d3d24c55f9553d.jpeg

**And my result with the same parameters **


**I did check the “Orbit Velocity Affects Alignment” but there was no change, im sure there is a quick solution i am just too inexperienced to find it. Maybe this specific method of creating a vortex is outdated?
Also any tips on how or where to continue advancing my knowledge of Unreal Engine VFX past beginner level (or at least more up to date) would be appreciated. **