OR does not recognize my packaged game in my laptop

Hi, I’ve developed a game and I’m having trouble when I try to open it in my laptop.

I’ve developed it with my desktop computer (Windows 10, UE4.9 and Oculus SDK 0.7), I packaged it and I’ve no problem opening it and playing with OR (I’ve to use Alt+Enter to play with OR). Now, I try to open the executable in my laptop (Windows 8) and the OR doesn’t recognize it(the game works fine, but not in VR mode). I tried with SDK 0.6, 0.7 and 0.8, but does not work. The Demo Scene works perfectly, only happens with my executable. I tried forcing full screen with this code:


and also Alt + Enter, both only work on my desktop computer but not in my laptop.
Has someone a solution or any clues? Thank you.

Ehi @adrisalardu were you finally able to solve the problem?