(Optional) Eye bones for standard skeleton

I’ve been on a quest to get some really high quality characters for the purpose of my VR game and apps for quite a while, and one thing that’s definitely instrumental in that is having separated eyes/eye bones, so that the eyes can be driven around to look at various things. NPCs who always look straight ahead look extra extra bad in VR.

Recently I’ve been using Fuse for my character pipeline, now that it’s gone free, which works great, but one drawback is that saving out the FBX to the UE4 skeleton results in not having separated eye bones (and the standard Fuse export with eye bones doesn’t import correctly, so some verts on the head are not skinned when imported, plus you can’t just drop the standard anims on it).

I’d really love to see the standard skeleton get support for eye bones.

I dont think standart skeleton needs it, but they can make another version, same as mobile.

That sounds like a perfectly good way to make it work @CriErr. I had forgotten there is a separate mobile skeleton.