Option to Apply MipMap Sharpening per Channel in Texture Editor or Custom MipMap Chain Import Option

I would really like to see some solution for artifact-less mip sharpening for textures with separate texture information in each RGB channel.

My thoughts on how this could be achieved:

  • Add another option in the texture editor to use either a preexisting algorithm to sharpen each channel by itself. Or possibly make one. I can’t imagine it would be very difficult to have the engine break the channels apart, adjust each channel accordingly, and then recomposite the results into the corresponding RGB channels.

  • Allow For importing custom MipMap chains for textures: So that we could at least workaround it ourselves.

I feel like this would be something that people would really appreciate being able to do because packing additional maps into RGB channels is an amazing thing to be able to do, but it’s usability becomes quite a bit more limited when using it for things like Roughness and other high-fidelity information. If we had it, I could only imagine how much more crisp and clear materials would be!

Please consider this, I, and I’m sure many others would really appreciate this!

Thanks for the great work so far, Epic!

Riley L.