Optimization question about draw calls

I am trying to optimize a level i created and im having difficulty with the draw calls… on average they are around 500 but ive seen the “max stat” jump to 3000 if you walk 5 feet in a direction here or there… or rotate the camera fast enough… and then if u stand still the max will fall… but when ever i move because the max draw calls go so high my frame rate plummets. I have tried merging many meshes together per area… but still the problem is awfull… what do i do about this? How do i optimize this??

Level has a lot of foliage, but most of it is behind buildings. But not sure if foliage even culls to be honest. I seem to get hundreds of drawcalls even when stairing a wall with nothing else.

(By the way when i say average and max… im looking at the 2 values in scene rendering stats… They have one labeled average and one labeled max.)

Does anyone know of a way to make this better? Any method that would be better in working with static meshes or the editor itself?