Optimization- instancing doesn't works

Here is my bp and fps with instance. Im getting 15 fps with instance bp. If i remove and place static meshes I’ll get 16 fps. I even proofed it. If i increase the size of instances im getting 10 fps. Can i get some help please?

What are the actual instances here? The whole stack of bars or each individual bar? It only looks like you create 3 instances in the first screenshot and loop twice? What is your end goal with the instanced static meshes?

its whole stack of bars. And my goal is even if i place ten of them i want to keep my fps still

Hi, I think you misunderstood what instanced static meshes do. If you use instanced static meshes as your bars then **all **of them will be processed by the GPU even if they are not in sight.

If they are static meshes only those in your viewcone will be processed by the GPU.

What instanced static meshes do is they reduce your drawcalls cause the CPU just hands all of them over in an transform array to the GPU (instead of one by one). That also means that all of them will be processed by the GPU. So you should use instanced static meshes if you have many (hundreds or thousands) of bars in your view at one time and your draw time is too high. If you have only a couple of them then you should use static meshes instead.

Also there is a console command called stat unit. If you use instanced static meshes then your draw time should reduce but your GPU time might go up (also you should test performance always in standalone).