Opening up a new editor for a custom data object?

I was wondering if it is possible to have a custom data structure for a UDataAsset that contains a custom data field among other things. I’d like to open up a new editor for this data structure. Would the correct way to go about this to make an Engine Plugin? Where would I be able to inject code for handling double-clicking on the custom data structure in the content browser?

It’s possible, did it for the dialogue plugin.

I don’t remember how exactly though. Try watching this to understand how to extend the editor.
And this to understand ue4 plugins

You don’t do that. You overwrite how the data asset window looks.

So for version UE4.15.3 which I am using, do I still have to do all the stuff up to 17:42 to create a dummy object… is that bug still there? Because I managed to build it just fine without it?