Opening maps with Jazz Jackrabbit ios demo

While i’m opening kismet tutorial maps it stops responding.Content browser can’t find maps,textures and models.When i’m trying to import it gives me blank space of scene.Tell me what i’m doing wrong?

This is what you doing wrong: UDK != Unreal 4
Open demo in UDK, not in unreal 4.

i have unreal engine 3

If you want something similar to Jazzy in UE4 then try the Third Person Blueprint Game

I can’t remember too much from Jazzy but the adding a gun to the character will have to be done in the thirdpersonCharacter blueprint and you may need to create a socket on the character first if it doesn’t have one already. The camera setup is already in place for you in that blueprint too … and the controls :slight_smile:


You have older engine than demo, no wonder you cannot open its files.
Anyway without udk and uncooked demo files you cannot open it.

Thanks guys for help.As i remember epic games tech preview as jazz jackrabbit ios demo it needs some sort of rebuilds?As I guess.

UDK != Unreal 4.

You cannot open demo from UDK with unreal 4.
You cannot open demo from UDK with UDK if that demo was cooked (ie. packaged)
However you can extract some assets, there are applications that do it, but i will not give you names or links.

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