Opening Door Like Real Instance

Hi Guys, this is my first Topic in the forum :slight_smile:

I start very simple project about simulating special closet rooms. The problem starts from the video that I uploaded in Youtube for you to explain it. Its attached to this post

As you can see they are normal (rail) closet doors. We want user start to open and close them with his hands (motion controllers). We don’t know how to create doors that can be move in just X axis (like real one) in VR and respond to hands (and their power to open fast or slow).
There is another point, in the video you see at the end of closing of door, some kind of stopper slow the speed and close is very softly.

How we can design this ?! we believe we must find the trick and use it for other doors. YEAH, there is 10 type of doors and opening method and this is the easiest one.

Thank you for your time and best regards.