Opening & Closing Gate using GUI

Hi guys,

I am using UE 4.12.5 and Blueprint FPS plugin.
I have added a gate in FirstPersonCharacter blueprint and want to close and open that gate when I press a menu button in my GUI menu.
For reference I am following this GUI tutorial
If you guys need more detail then please reply. This maybe a noob question and sorry if you feel its a waste of time.


Any help will be appreciated, here gate means gate function i used in character blueprint .

I believe this would be along the lines of calling a Custom Event from the GUI menu blueprint out to the character blueprint. The Custom Events would be hooked up to the Gate and the GUI blueprint would cast out to the First Person Character and activate those Custom Events if the cast was successful.

Thanks for reply, can you please explain with screenshot of what should i add in hud widget blueprint and character blueprint. I am using first person shooter character blueprint template. Sorry I didn’t understand much from previous answer (Haven’t worked with custom events before but meanwhile watching tutorial to know more about it).