Opening another Project/Application closes current Project.

Before we got our Vive, we developed with the DK2.
Sometimes I had multiple Projects open, to see how I did stuff in another Project.
I never had Problems with projects closing down.

I dunno if this is a problem on Steams side, but I really REALLY hate when the project I had open first closes down when I forget that this happens and open another one.
Atleast a promt would be nice that asks “You’re about to start another Application using the Vive, but the Vive is in use. Would you like to close the other application?”

I lost progress on a few projects multiple times with this.

Is there a way to disable this?

I’m curious about this too, apparently its a vive specific function: Prevent Applications from Closing :: SteamVR Developer Hardware General Discussions

Wonder if it is possible to tweak the behavior for the editor.