Opening a level from main menu does not work

Dear experts,
I’m a UE beginner (UE age: 1 day), so please excuse me if this question is too simple. BTW, I checked the previous posts already.

Below are the related blueprints:
level blueprint

FirstPersonCharacter blueprint

MainMenu blueprint

Am I missing anything? Thanks for any advice.

As you are a beginner, i highly recommend you read the unreal documentation, as this will solve your problem.

Having read through the tutorial on the documentation again, I realized the key is to create a new level for the main menu. So this problem got solved.
Another issue, probably a bug of the editor, is that the per-level game mode does not seem to work properly. Whenever I change the FirstPersonGameMode’s default pawn class to character, the default setting also changes. My workaround is to create a duplicate of FirstPersonGameMode, name it differently and set its pawn class to character for the main menu level only.

how did you solve this? can you explain in more detail im having the same issue

i have done this and i still dont understand please help